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Marshall Scholarship - Wikipedia Created by the Parliament of the United Kingdom in 1953 as a living gift to the United States in recognition of the generosity of Secretary of State George C. In structure, the Marshall Scholarship is more flexible than the Rhodes Scholarship, in that Marshall Scholars can study at any British university, and can also attend a different university each year during a Scholar's tenure. In addition, a limited number of one-year Marshall scholarships are available.

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Scholarships Other alumni have been members of Congress and the presidential cabinet; state governors; CEOs of companies such as Linked In and Dolby Labs; deans of Yale Law School, Stanford Law School, the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard College; and presidents of Duke University, Wellesley College, the Cooper Union, and Caltech. Here is a list of scholarships with a description of the requirements for each. After reviewing please fill out the scholarship application form, which will open in a new tab/window for easy reference when selecting scholarships. Amsbary & Johnson Scholarship Marketing major Preference given to survivor of 1970 plane crash victim Student engaged in intercollegiate athletics may

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